Darroch-Eagle Timber Sale


The Darroch-Eagle Timber Sale is a plan to log 2.1 million board feet of timber just north of Yellowstone National Park. This is one of "12 sales to provide $4.5 million to fund the final 2,563-acre purchase of the Gallatin II land exchange," reports the Billings Gazette (9/14/99). The goal of the swap is to turn 54,000 acres of public land in southwest Montana over to public ownership and to protect wildlife habitat.


November 10, 2005

On May 12, the Forest Service notified the 9th Circuit Court that “activity” would resume on the Darroch-Eagle project as of May 23.

The 9th Circuit responded on May 20: “Because no party has sought and successfully obtained reconsideration, this Court’s injunction prohibiting the Forest Service from allowing road construction and timber harvesting associated with the Darroch-Eagle timber sale remains in effect.”

The sale rose up again in June with the green light given for logging to resume on June 25th. The 9th circuit for a third time put the sale on hold pending a hearing in October, effectively putting a stop to all logging and road building for the 2005 season.

In yet another turn, the 9th Circuit upheld the sale in November, 2005. The approval allows RY Timber of Livingston to go ahead with plans to log the area.

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