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March, 2007 Newsletter

Next General Meeting
March 20, 7 pm • Home of Rick & Melissa McAdam
In Mammoth—house is second from the Chapel
Look for their name on the house.

President’s Message
Thanks to all of the attendees at the February meeting. It was a long
meeting, but we were all well-fueled by the potluck offerings and I think
the results proved it. The issues identified now provide us with a broad
base for our efforts and some really exciting possibilities. I hope all
members will use the self-mailer to let us know what you think. Many
thanks to Carolyn for taking on the newsletter duties this month while
Julia continues her assault on the legislature for Northern Plains and all
of us.
—Rick McAdam

ATTENTION! Special Section This Month
We need your opinion to establish BCC’s Issues & Projects
During the February meeting, members discussed what BCC should focus on for the
upcoming year. We agreed that a good issue is:

• specific
• achievable (winnable)
• measurable, and it: unites us
• motivates the membership
• builds the membership
• helps us reach more people
• educates us and others, and finally,
• is consistent with the group’s mission.

Full Newsletter here.

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